Cameron Dee – Cuckold Accepts He’s Not A Man

Cameron always uses her time with Marcelo as training time. If she has to be with him, she should train him. Cuckolds spend a lot of time by themselves while their Mistress vacations. Cameron decided to take Marcelo with her and her boyfriend to Las Vegas. She made him pay for a suite so she would have the room. Although she would much rather spend the entire day with her good looking boyfriend, she knows spending some time with her cuck can pay huge dividends later. Literally! Cameron places Marcello on his back next to the window. Cameron sits on him and uses him like a lounge chair. She can look out her window and enjoy the amazing view that Marcelo paid for Her and Her boyfriend. While her boyfriend is downstairs gambling, She allows Marcelo to worship her feet. Marcelo worships Cameron’s feet while she humiliates him verbally. She reminds Marcelo how much better his life his know that Cameron runs things. She has taken control over Marcelo’s life. Marcelo does find it easier. He just has to do what She says. He doesn’t mind her boyfriend’s fucking her any more. Marcelo has started to accept the fact he is not a man. He is a cuckold. Cameron enjoys the view from atop her cuckold. She is very satisfied with how his training has gone so far. (8:47 long)

Clip contains: Cameron, human chair, human furniture, foot worship, cuckold verbal humiliation, foot fetish

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