Club Stiletto – Dr Jim is Busy but We’ll Fix you Up

Johnny is waiting on the medical bench with his legs in the stirrups expecting Dr. Jim to show up any second to help him with his ED problem. He’s surprised when two hot women, Mia and Ivy show up instead. "You’re not Dr. Jim" he says. Duh! They explain Dr. Jim couldn’t make it in today and the camera scrolls down to show Jim locked in a cage below him with a ball gag in his mouth. The two ladies have been working in cahoots with Johnny’s wife to normalize her extra marital affairs with real men since her husband can’t satisfy her. Johnny initially objects and says he finds this all very humiliating, I mean why are his feet in stirrups for starters? So gullible! The ladies touch him and tell him not to worry that they will take could care of him. They proceed to use unconventional methods of applying clothes pins to his balls and nipples and fucking his cock with a sounding device while convincing him that this is the latest in medical advancement. "We have a 100% success rate" Mia assures him.


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