Club Stiletto – Goddess Amelia – Chase My Ass then Lick it Clean

Goddess Amelia has decided to give you a treat, a close up of her ass as she crawls up the steps on all fours. Meanwhile, her slave is ordered to crawl behind her. After wiggling and shaking her ass for you and spreading her ass cheeks she calls the slave forward to kiss her butt cheeks. "And a nice ring around the asshole" she tells him. Amelia then slowly crawls up the steps and you get a spectacular view from both below and above. She even makes the slave spread her ass cheeks so you can get a better view before allowing him to lick her vigorously. She gives him a surprise fart and laughs as the slave struggles with the smell.Once she has reached the top of the steps Amelia Amelia slams the slaves face with it then tells him to sit on the steps with his head on the floor. She sits on him in a reverse position and tells him he has probably noticed that her ass is dirty and stinky. She makes him kick beneath but demands that he keeps his tongue in her. Now she is ready to use him as a toilet. No messes on the carpet now!


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