Mistress Keres likes the competition between her husband Kenny and her cousin-in-law Jerry. These two have been pitted against each other since they were youngsters. Yesterday Keres got Kenny upset by giving Jerry a handjob and as this scene opens she tells Kenny she is going to give him one better… a blowjob. The camera pulls back to show that Jerry is kneeling by the bed watching and while Kenny would like things to be more private he does get some satisfaction knowing Jerry has to watch him get sucked off.Keres expertly sucks Kenny’s cock and demonstrates the technique she uses on her boyfriends. “Jerry her mouth feels amazing” Kenny says to Jerry who can only groan with envy. Just as Kenny settles in and comes close to climax Keres drops a bombshell and tells him she is not going to let him cum which makes Jerry laugh out loud. Poor Kenny! Keres tells Kenny his cock is so little compared to her boyfriends and again Jerry chuckles which upsets Kenny who says “I can’t do this when Jerry is here.” Seeing that Jerry is now getting to big for his own britches Keres tells him to go to the end of the bed to worship her feet then changes her mind and tells him to worship Kenny’s feet instead. Slaves are nothing but playthings for powerful women like Mistress Keres. Hoping she has changed her mind Kenny says he has to cum as she takes his cock in and out of her mouth. “Not today, Kenny” Keres says squeezing his cock. As Jerry chuckles Kenny shows his anger and says “Damn it.”


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