Club Stiletto – Keres Tramples Kenny and Jerry

Keres works hard to uphold the family traditions kenny has grown up with where Women control every second of his life. His submission can always be expanded and today, as his Wife, she is going to work on increasing his endurance under the feet of her and all women, or her boyfriends too, I suppose, should the need arise. Cuz jerry is experienced at being trampled and there is no reason kenny cant perform as well as him. What better way to train him then to line the two of them up and use both as her carpets. Kenny hates to be outdone by Anti Paiges boi jerry and Keres will use this to her advantage. Keres starts by stepping on jerry who gushes over her and tells her how much he loves to be stepped on by her. Meanwhile, kenny is likely seething but also fearing what is to come. Keres walks across jerrys stomach chest and onto his head before stepping onto kennys head. Kenny groans in pain as she continues to walk down his body. "Thank You Mistress" he says, clearly suffering. She puts a foot on his groin and says "I think kenny likes trampling too" and kenny again thanks her even though hes likely hoping she move back to jerry soon. How fun watching kenny squirm and try to contain his need to scream out knowing jerry is hoping that he will fail. The ladies love slave rivalries. When Keres steps back onto jerry, kenny lets out a sigh of relief but soon has to listen to jerry talking about how he loves being trampled by her. She holds onto the rail and starts jumping repeatedly. "Such beautiful feet, legs and body" jerry says and kenny says "I can do that too, Mistress." For the next 5 minutes Keres tests both slaves to their max. Get this clip and see if kenny holds up against his rival jerry and especially if you love seeing a beautiful MILF stepping all over men. At the end to show kenny she at least appreciates his efforts Keres sits on his chest and gives him a handjob. "I always know how to motivate kenny" she says with a smile. See all of Keres adventures HERE.


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