Club Stiletto – Lady Bellatrix – He likes them Soft

In Canada you can buy cheese flavored snacks in a crunchy variety not just the soft puffy ones. In this scene Lady Bellatrix is questioning her slave as to his preference, crunchy or soft. When he says soft she knows what she has to do. After all she is in Canada and only has the crunchy kind on hand. She takes one and chews it up but instead of swallowing it, she spits it into the man bowl. She does this a few times and then tells the slave there is another way to make them soft.
She takes several of the snacks from the bag and throws them in the bowl then stands over it and pees all over them. "They’ll take time to get soft, they need to soak for a while" she says. She tells the slave to look into the bowl and tell her that he wants them for his dinner. As he replies she pees more until the bowl is almost full. "I’m such a generous Mistress" she says to him. She then removes her stiletto and sticks her toes into the bowl and stirs the special soup with them. She then takes more of the cheese snacks and throws them into the bowl. Surprisingly she still needs to pee and now she has managed to fill the bowl to the brink. Bellatrix tells the slave she is going to the bar to fill her bladder again and she wants him to consume everything while she is away and if he is lucky she might even pee on him next time.


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Club Stiletto – Lady Bellatrix – He likes them Soft.mp4

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