Club Stiletto – Misha’s Cruel Stiletto Trample

Cute but sadistic Queen Misha steps up onto her slave in gorgeous pointy heeled stilettos. “Your suffering makes me happy” she tells him as she proceeds to walk on his stomach, chest and legs. She moves up and presses the tip of a heel into his nipple and the slave cries out in pain. She jumps on him then brings a shoe to his mouth so he can lick the sole clean.Misha giggles as she continues to explore the slaves body, jumping some more and then stepping on his cock. Up and down his body she goes and the slave is clearly in pain. Finally, she sits down on him and removes her shoes. “You have lots of pretty marks” she tells him. Now she steps back up onto him in bare feet but if the slave thought this meant things would be easier he’s quickly disappointed as she starts jumping on him repeatedly. Despite the pain the slaves cock starts to grow so Misha steps on it. Misha continues to jump and walk all over the slave including standing on one foot at a time so he gets her full weight in a small area. Misha now sits on the slave again and asks “Have you had enough, slave?” When he replies ‘yes’, she reaches down and pulls on his nipples, looks up at the camera, smiles and says “The pain stops when I say it stops.”

Tags: Femdom. Trampling

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