Club Stiletto – Miss XI – He Knows the Drill

Miss Xi walks in the room where her slave has been kneeling waiting for her all day. "Ah good, right where I left you" she says. She tells him she had a nice day but she is ready to exercise her legs and as per the regular drill will be using him as her equipment. First she makes him kiss her feet then rub them. She tells him to repeat his lines, which he does. "Thank you for allowing me to worship and rub your beautiful feet and please give me mercy during your workout." He’ll need it.With the formalities out of the way she tells him to get on the bed as she lays on her stomach. As he crawls on she wraps her legs around his neck and pulls his head into her ass. She then flips on her back and locks him again between her legs. She squeezes the life out of him then pulls him over on his back and lays across him, again scissoring him for all she is worth. She then sits on his face and punches him in the stomach. She lays on him and again wraps her legs around his neck. She then sits up and sticks a foot down his throat. Then on her back for some more scissoring. The slave is exhausted and when she tells him to fight he can not break the grip. Miss Xi laughs at his predicament. She flips him over again and this time wraps her arms around his neck; good to work out the whole body after all. Finally she lets the poor boy kiss her legs before sending him off to get her some water. As he crawls away she tells him "Send in the next one."


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