Club Stiletto – Princess Lily – Smell Me Then Lick Me Clean

Club Stiletto – Princess Lily – Smell Me Then Lick Me Clean

Lovely Princess Lily is doing her morning business on the toilet and says that when she’s not using a slave directly she likes to at least have him close. As the camera moves down we see she is using her slave as a foot stool. Her stilettos are in fact digging into his shoulders. She asks him if he is enjoying himself and says he should soon expect a delicious odor. The slave moans in anticipation. “When I’m done you will be licking my ass clean” she tells him.
The plopping sound soon occurs and she waves her hands downwards so he gets the smell. She makes him remove her shoes and then rests her feet on his face. The sound and smell excites the slave and Lily tells him he is lucky to be sharing such an intimate moment with her. She then sends the slave back so she can pee all over the floor. She kneels on the floor and lets the sweetest flow of nectar cover the floor. When done she gets up and shows the slave her ass, “Get in close and lick it” she tells him and then soon after adds “Now drink my piss.” There’s nothing more rewarding for a slave than to be his owners toilet.


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