Club Stiletto – Step-Daddy Downfall – Farts on his Pillow

Sweet Mercy caught on camera her step-Daddy sniffing her worn panties and proceeded to blackmail him into slavery. Oh, the naughty things she makes him do everyday. See all clips in the series HERE! As this scene opens we find Mercy laying on his bed and she is rubbing her dirty butt on his pillow and farting all over it. She lets out some real juicy farts in this scene. She also gives you an up close view of her butt hole and pussy from behind.After rubbing the pillow on her butt and lots of farting step-Daddy walks into the room. She tells him what she has been doing and tells him to sniff the pillow. How humiliating. In the course of her pushing the pillow into his face they hear the front door of the house slam and they realize his wife is home. Mercy runs to hide in the closet while Mick hops on the bed trying to look nonchalant. He cant help but sniff the pillow until he hears the bedroom door open. "Oh hi honey" he says, looking at his wife. If only she knew what had been going on minutes earlier!


File name:Club Stiletto – Step-Daddy Downfall – Farts on his Pillow.mp4
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Duration: 00:06:11

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