Czech Soles – Begging at Dark Lady’s feet for his life

There was a chain of in the town each one ending with one casualty which had teeth marks on their throats and all of them had lost a lot of which was not to be found anywhere in the vicinity of the body. A Dark Lady is the main suspect but authorities are helpless against this spree. Jack is watching the news at the moment while lights starts to shimmer and in short while they go out completely. Whey they light up again Jack spots a person right in front of him – it’s the Dark Lady. He recognizes her from the news and he immediately know he’ll be her next victim. Jack falls to his knees before her and starts to beg for his life. He crawls at her feet kissing them and begging again and again. The Dark Lady wants to enjoy some fun with this mortal so she turns Jack to her personal foot bitch and slave. Let the fun begin. Kneel!

Femdom,Footworship,High Heels,Humiliation

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