Czech Soles – Lynn – Sweaty asian feet socks and shoes smelling

Lynn went out for jogging and she’s doing a record today. When she returns home, she’s all sweaty and smelly and mostly her feet are. She takes off her shoes and oh my god, what a strong scent is coming from her feet. Those socks are completely wet.She put her feet on the coffee table and knowing how much you love to smell sweaty feet, she offers you on of her socks and her shoe. If you would like to smell then, you can now. It’s kinda fun for her to see you smelling her socks and shoes right after she came back from an exercise…but what the hell…if you like it…Then she takes off her other shoe as well and you can smell it all. Her bare feet are on the table and they look so amazing and smell so nice right now! They are still moist and creamy and you just want to bury your face in them. Try to offer her a foot rub, her feet must be tired and maybe she’l appreciate it in some way…
Partially POV video, partially with male actor on the scene.


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