Femme Fatale Films – The Hunteress – AWOL

The soldier thought he was safe hiding out in his city apartment. He should have known there is no escaping the Hunteress! Going AWOL is no laughing matter and this soldier has the smile wiped from his face, from the moment the Hunteress storms in through his front door. She gives him two options… he can either be dragged back to the barracks and dealt with in front of his colleagues, ending up in a military prison, or he can accept the Hunteress’s harsh ultimatum, that he can stay in his apartment, but must take whatever punishment she decides to dish out, on any given day of the week. He accepts the second option, but as the real tears roll down his cheeks mid punishment, it may be a decision he lives to regret. An astonishing display of CP excellence from The Hunteress, literally tasting this slave’s tears!


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