GG producer – Goddess Grazi – Mat for my sweaty feet

GG producer – Goddess Grazi – Mat for my sweaty feet

After a pleasant walk in the neighborhood park, the Goddess Grazi human rug was already at home waiting for the Goddess, eager to clean Her sneakers and comfort the Goddess’ feet, even if it served as a good rug. Even though the Goddess’s weight on top of him feels uncomfortable, he doesn’t care, Her pleasure is what matters.
Goddess Grazi arrives, orders him to stand on the mat and steps, steps on his stomach and chest, mercilessly putting his big, heavy feet on the face of this poor slave who has to sniff the sweat of his stinky socks and breathe the air out of his sneakers, they really are sweaty but he can barely speak as the Goddess shoves her big sweaty foot into his mouth, he can only swallow a little and can barely breathe as the Goddess’s weight is on his chest. it makes it a little harder to breathe but this loser knows he can’t break down.
So Goddess Grazi digs in her feet more and more and to help lubricate she spits in his mouth until he chokes and moans, what a lucky day for this rug, don’t you think?


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