Goddess Cheyenne – Release Frustrated Jerk Puppet

Goddess Cheyenne takes great delight in absolutely controlling any and all sexual pleasure enjoyed by Her slaves, as this one is about to find out. Regally sitting on Her chair, Goddess orders her kneeling slave to lube up his cock, then allows him to jerk it but only as She commands. Two fingers? one finger then none at all, with his erect cock futilely bouncing up and down, begging for some sensation everything about his erection is under Her control. And the slave is nothing but a jerk puppet, humbly following Her commands and begging for a chance to jerk his aching and frustrated cock.
Goddess then raises the intensity, standing up and pressing Her body against his as She seductively demonstrates Her power, making Her slave beg for the privilege of jerking his cock and orgasming. Goddess grants the request, but only if he can cum on Her countdown. Once Goddess grants his pleas to cum, the slave spurts out load after load as a tribute to Her beauty. Of course, the slave knows his next duty, which is humbly lapping up every drop of cum from the floor as Goddess lucks on, amused at how pathetic all males are under Her control.

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