Goddess Lilith _ Miss Bat – The Salt Lick

Earlier this year I took a road trip out to visit the lovely Miss Bat, one of My favorite Dommes and best friends in the lifestyle. On my way out to see Her, I stopped in Utah to see the famous Salt Flats. I got dressed up in a nice outfit, including one of My favorite pairs of platform boots, and took some really cool pictures – but afterwards My boots were COVERED in salt. Imagine My delight when Miss Bat generously offered to share one of Her local slaves with Me – what a perfect opportunity to get My boots cleaned! Just for fun, We blindfolded this slave and had him lick the soles of boots to taste it – this was the saltiest salt you could possibly imagine, and We made him clean ALL of it off the soles of My boots, with his tongue!! I can’t imagine how rough that must have been on his mouth, but We’re generous Goddesses, so We gave him something to wash it all down with – a glass of Our divine spit!!


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