Goddess Natalie – Mesmerized pup session 2

Time for yet another mesmerizing double session for you to enjoy little pup. Cause you’re starting to bore me more and more lately, I had to resort to mesmerizing two slaves at the same time. 2 little puppets doing anything I say is a lot more fun than just one!
And in today’s session, I am going to make you lose yourself so badly – lose your mind, but also your soul and all of your consciousness, as I take every tiny bit of information about you away and store it all into a ball. I now have access to everything I need to completely and irreversibly mindfuck you, pet!
And I am going to use it in many different ways, all of them terribly fun for me. But to begin with something that will definitely keep me entertained for a while, I’m gonna make you feel horny every time a hot woman gives you the middle finger hahahaha


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