Goddexx Daphne – Your New God

Goddexx Daphne – Your New God

Custom clip, no names used.
It�s time you renounce your religion.
You will reject your god, and embrace your Goddexx. You will worship Me in this life, even if it means burning in hell in the next life.
It will be worth it to see Me smile while you suffer in eternal damnation.
So sin against your god by lusting for Me. Look at My body as you stroke yourself. Stroke to My divine beauty.
You are devoted only to Daphne. Sin against your god by cursing him for Me. Say fuck you to christ. Say �I deny my god and deify Goddexx Daphne!�
Stroke and worship. Worship at the altar of My blasphemous perfection.
I am more important than your god. My beauty has pulled you away from him. The more you worship Me, the weaker your god becomes and the stronger I get.
So damn yourself for me. Damn yourself for Daphne. Fuck your god and religion. Renounce it all. You will endure the fires of hell to worship Me.
and send Goddexx a tribute!
1000% Markup – ALLFORDAPHNE

Tags: Assworship Femdom Femdom Pov Fetish Hypno

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