HEEL15CM – Delicious Sandwich

Valeria walks through the dirty parking lot to her car. The parking lot is not the cleanest place, there is a lot of garbage, dirt and cigarettes. The girl talks on the phone and walks in the mud because she knows that there is a slave, a "shoe mat", who will eat all the mud from her boots. Valeria finds a beggar near her car, a guy in dirty clothes and barefoot, and he asks the girl to eat. Valeria is merciful, so she decides to cook a special dish for him. The goddess throws an old sandwich on the floor, spits on it and destroys everything and smiles evilly. When Valeria has finished pressing, she offers her boots so that the slave can lick them from dirt, cigarette butts and an old sandwich. She laughs at him, insulting and humiliating him verbally. Finally, she orders the slave to lie down and clean his boots, standing on top of him and putting her boots on his chest and face. When a beggar asks for a drink after such a heavy meal, she spits in his mouth and orders him to swallow. At the end, the Goddess gets into the car and closes the door, leaving the slave in his misery.

Bootlicking,Femdom,Fetish,High Heels,Spitting,Trampling

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