Kino Payne An Li and Elise Graves – On All Fours

Kino Payne _ An Li and Elise Graves – On All Fours

Something very special occurs when two sadists come together. The pleasure one sadist gets from seeing another suffer can be exhilarating on their own – but when a sadist friend next to them reflects that same joy, it is extra fun! Energy that might begin with Elise in the form of a cane stroke impacts Kino who’s expression can further affect An Li in the most delightful way. There is a three-way exchange of energy and that triangular shape is the most solid of them all. Watch as Kino makes himself vulnerable to An Li and Elise by allowing himself to be locked into heavy wooden stocks on his hands and knees. This gives access to his ass which Elise and An Li gleefully mark up with whips, canes, fingernails and more. Happiness is most real when shared with another.


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