Today I am going to ask something of My devotee, ben. It will be something that I know ben does not want to do, but I want him to do it for Me anyway out of pure selfless devotion. I explain to ben that I have a vision of him in my head. I no longer want him to be who he is; I want him to be what I want him to be. I prefer sexually flexible devotees. I like them to be sexually flexible because it’s not really a slave’s place to indicate a personal sexual preference. A well-trained slave should ideally readily agree to whatever I ask of them sexually (and otherwise). I explain all this to ben and tell him that I have decided to start training him to be more sexually flexible. Ben tells me that he doesn’t want to do gay things, but that is precisely My point. I want him to not want to do it, but to do it anyway out of pure devotion to Me.

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