Madame Sarka – Ruined Slave Full Clip

Madame Sarka – Ruined Slave Full Clip

There’s the slave: gagged, his cock and balls tightly secured in ropes, his hands cuffed and chained above his head. And the Madame Sarka steps into the room, wearing a white shirt, black trousers and knee boots. She walks round Her helpless slave, circles him like a shark, ready to attack. That walk alone – done with a superior smile – in reason enough to get this clip. Watching it means shrinking into submission. Madame Sarka takes a whip and starts warming up Her pet. Slowly at first, just to prepare his skin for to the horrors that lay ahead. After that Madame Sarka chooses a different whip, an extremely nasty one. The slave definitely recognises it and looks at it in fear. He knows what’s coming, he’s been flogged a time or two. His agony pops up as soon as the first strokes bully his back. He’s in pain, which brings a bright smile on Madame Sarka’s face. She makes the whip dance with astonishing perfection and Her slave dances along in a polka of pain. This clip is so intimidating and it shows us once again the amazing beauty and the awesome power of Madame Sarka. She is simply the best, there’s no better way to describe it.


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