Mistress Iside – Carpet Test

My slaves, when they are not engaged in some task I assigned to them, do not have the right to stand but must kneel or prostrate on the ground, when the Mistress is present. The slave is an inferior being, whose only reason for existing is to serve his Mistress and, therefore, cannot put himself at the same her level. Sometimes I like to reiterate this concept and physically emphasize their inferiority, using them as doormats or walking and hopping on their bodies. Today I want to have some fun with this slave who, for years, has been wearing a metal chastity belt, the only way to cure his habit of masturbating continuously. I wear my stiletto-heeled boots that penetrate deeply into his flesh, leaving deep marks. The slave suffers under my feet but, today, I have no mercy and I start jumping on his belly and on his chest. Each jump causes shots of pain that tear moans from the slave. With the tip of my shoe, I tease his glans, that protrudes through the bars of the chastity belt; it is an extremely sensitive area that causes him to writhe in pain. My sadism is not yet satisfied; now I plant the tips of my heels directly on his nipples: the pain is excruciating but, once again, I do not let myself be moved by his moans. The deep visible marks on his skin testify to the suffering he underwent!!!
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