Planet of the Arches – Ms Venus’s Feet Find Their Wild Side

Ms Venus loves her feet. She has her foot slave pinned against a wall, and wants him to love them too. Ms Venus puts her dirty, stinky, mismatch socks on his chest and moves them up to his face so he can sniff and kiss them. Her socks get him excited, and he worships her socks by nibbling the balls of her feet, licking them, and putting her heels into his mouth so he can bite on them. This tickles her, so he ramps things up by tickling her feet through her socks. Ms Venus has a very cute, soft laugh. He sucks her toes through her socks, which is something nobody ever did before. Ms Venus never had this much attention paid to her feet, and finds herself enjoying it–a lot. She shows how much when her feet unleash their wild side. Her foot slave takes off each of her socks, and sniffs them. He sniffs, licks, nibbles, and kisses her feet. And its when he sucks her toes that it really gets her. Ms Venus never had anyone suck her toes until now, and loves it! Her foot slave tickles her feet along with worshiping them to hear her cute, soft laugh again. Ms Venus shows just how much she is into all of this, and then some when she uses her feet to increase her foot slave’s excitement levels! Note: Includes tops of the feet POV sock removal. Includes tops of the feet POV foot worship.

Femdom, Fetish, Footworship, Tickling

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