Club Stiletto – Goddess Amelia – Super Hero Ass licker

Club Stiletto – Goddess Amelia – Super Hero Ass licker

Everyone has a super power and his is licking ass. In this scene Goddess Amelia comes out of the bathroom after flushing the toilet where her slave skatman is bound to a stool so she can have her ass licked clean. She sits her big fat ass on the stool and has it hanging over so it’s very accessible to the slaves tongue. She gyrates it, bounces it, spreads her cheeks wide and gives you an amazing show when the slaves head isn’t pressed deep between her cheeks. "I want a nice deep rimming, I want to be clean all the way in, you never know when a boyfriend might come by and want to fuck my ass" she tells him. Some nice upward angles where you can see the slaves tongue really working her hole and her pussy on full display too. Unexpectedly Amelia blows a fart in the slaves face which makes him instinctively back off but not for long as he knows he must be continue licking. A unique finish to this as we hear the director say "cut" but Amelia has a surprise for the slave and as he’s moving away she tells him to get back by her ass. She bounces it up and down, what a sight, and then blows another fart in his face. "The scene is over when I say it’s over" she says. Fortunately the camera man kept the camera rolling and you literally get a behind the scenes look at what can happen when the Mistress thinks the scene is complete.


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Duration: 00:07:05

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Club Stiletto – Mistress Kandy – My Pussy and Ass your tongue

Club Stiletto – Mistress Kandy – My Pussy and Ass your tongue

Kandy is naked and relaxing on the bed while her oral slave licks her ass. “When I get licked like this I get horny” she says. Kandy explains that she has had this slave locked up in his without food overnight as she knows that’s when he performs his best, when he is desperate to please her. Maybe she will even give him a special feeding today, if he does a good job. The slave licks passionately and you get a great angle of his tongue going over and into her sweet hole. Kandy wonders if you could do as good a job as this slave. She tells him to move back so she can spread her cheeks wide and let you see all of her.
Then he is told to resume licking and Kandy’s arousal continues to grow. Now you get some real close up angles of just Kandy’s anus and the slaves tongue. Kandy rolls over on her back and tells the slave to lick her pussy to get it good and wet. She tells the slave to go back to her ass while she fingers her pussy. She has her legs high in the air and between her fingers and the slaves tongue she is so aroused. She closes her eyes and starts to moan and groan. What a dream cum true to be a sex slave for Kandy. She pulls his head into her ass and soon has a mind blowing orgasm. The last minute of this clip shows Kandy sitting on the toilet taking a piss. She rubs some on her hand and brings it up for you to lick. When she gets up she tells you to stick your head in the toilet and to slurp up all her nectar.


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Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duration: 00:07:02

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Club Stiletto – Lady Katy – BBW Katy needs Her cum filled A…

Club Stiletto – Lady Katy – BBW Katy needs Her cum filled Ass licked

Sexy Lady Katy is relaxing on her discipline bench. She calls her slave over and tells him her boyfriend just fucked her up the ass and she needs the cum sucked out of her ass. Katy is all natural and her ass and pussy are covered in thick dark hair which is now also all covered in cum. The slave isn’t a big cum lover but he knows he has no choice and you can hear him licking and sucking to insure he pleases Mistress. Once he has adequately kissed her thighs and sucked her ass she decides to get up on all fours so he can eat her from behind.Through this clip Katy talks about her encounter with her lover and how she showed him a picture of her slaves cock and how they both laughed. Very humiliating for the slave. "I just humiliated you with my lover and yet here you are eagerly showing your adoration" she says proudly. Katy is aware of your presence too and makes the slave move back on occasion so you can see her ass and pussy and imagine you are there to attend to her. She slaps the slave in the face and calls him stupid and then tells him to resume doing what he does best, eating cum filled ass.


File name:Club Stiletto – Lady Katy – BBW Katy needs Her cum filled Ass licked.mp4
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Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duration: 00:06:14

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Club Stiletto – Ms. Sinstress – Sissies trained to Worship …

Club Stiletto – Ms. Sinstress – Sissies trained to Worship Cock

Ms. Sinstress is building a huge stable of sissies to not only keep her house clean, prepare meals and amuse her but also to work the streets to contribute to the houses financial well being. A properly trained sissy, once trained and put on hormones, should easily be able to service 20 men a day as that is there primary purpose for even existing.
As this scene opens Sinstress walks into the dungeon and asks the two kneeling sluts if they heard her fucking her other sissy. They say they have. She orders them over to lick and suck her strap-on clean, together. They lick the side of the shaft and then take turns taking it down their throats. Sissies accept that they will be sharing each other’s fluids, it’s a form of bonding. They say the brain is the biggest organ and if you like hot kinky talk about how sissies will be used by Mistress and taken by man after man, with no condoms ever, including bukkake orgies, and licking cum off other sissies, while in permanent chastity, this clip is going to get you off.


File name:Club Stiletto – Ms. Sinstress – Sissies trained to Worship Cock.mp4
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Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duration: 00:08:25

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Club Stiletto – Mistress T – Price to Pay for Her Pussy and…

Club Stiletto – Mistress T – Price to Pay for Her Pussy and Ass

Miss T is sitting on your face in her tight shiny shorts. Yes there is a slave in this scene but Mistress T tells you she wants you to imagine it’s you. She leans forward and says she wants to hear you beg. "How bad do you want that pussy?" she asks you. Soon she pulls her shorts down just over her cheeks to give you a view of her amazing globes. She extends her legs so she is sitting full weight on your face. While you struggle for air she removes her shorts and then says if you want air you have to lift her up. Why should she do any work.
Next she gets up and turns to the camera so you get a perfect up close view of her ass, asshole and pussy. What a view. She then again sits on your face, this time in reverse position so you can look up and see her pussy and her face. She then drops her legs and again buries you under your ass. You fight for air but she tells you can do better. She also mentions you should be stroking yourself while watching. Finally she moves in a forward position and lets you look at her holes before telling you to take a deep breath as she sits full weight on your face yet again. Finally she sits sideways on your chest and brings her ass back up to your face, she wants you to cum on a countdown from 5. As she counts down slowly she shifts on your face and then gives you the order to cum. She loves knowing how aroused her pussy and ass make you even while you suffer below them.

Assworship,Club,Stiletto,Facesitting,Femdom,Pussy Worship,Mistress T

File name:Club Stiletto – Mistress T – Price to Pay for Her Pussy and Ass.mp4
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Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duration: 00:09:49

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Club Stiletto – BBW Big Bully School Girl

Club Stiletto – BBW Big Bully School Girl

School girl Katy has made Johnny do all her homework as seen in BBW Big Bully School Girl. Now she decides to reward him by sitting on his face and letting him worship her big fat ass, not to mention kick underneath it. She pulls up the skirt to reveal her silky white panties. Facing in a forward position she soon has Johnny buried beneath her ass. She loves to see him struggle. She then leans forward and tells him to sniff her crack. “I haven’t had a bath in 4 or 5 days” she tells him before sitting down with all her weight. She totally gets lost in her thoughts, forgetting johnny is even there until she realizes he is frantic to breath.When she does give him a breath it is for only a fraction of a second. She sees he’s getting erect so she strokes his cock and laughs as he tries to pump it between her fingers. Katy wants to expose johnny on social media and tells him she’ll put him in chastity and show the pics to his buddies on the football team. Katy leans forward to give you a full view of her big ass then gets up and removes her panties which she puts over johnnies head. She puts the wet spot over his mouth and nose. She then shows him her big hairy pussy and after adequate begging for it she again sits on his face. She leans forward so you get a great from behind view of her ass and pussy and then she sits on him full weight and tells him to lick her. “Johnny is fun” Katy says and laughs with delight as he kicks for air.


File name:Club Stiletto – BBW Big Bully School Girl.mp4
File Size: 534 MB
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duration: 00:06:22

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