Cybill Troy – Off-Duty Dominatrix Debauchery (CBT Strap-O…

Cybill Troy – Off-Duty Dominatrix Debauchery (CBT _ Strap-On Fun!)

When you are Cybill Troy and have a creepy fully equipped dungeon at your disposal, a nicely prepared shiny gimp, and a lovely new friend around for the evening, its bound to be a fun night.This night of nefarious fun that Miss Troy and her visiting friend Mistress Charliz enjoyed, has been generously captured in candid style by Miss Troy. You can share in full the enjoyment of these two sadistic Mistresses as they do as they please with their dangling gimp, helplessly at their mercy in full suspension. Their evening of nipple , clamped balls, sharp metal claws, vibrating sounds, spit, a rebreather bag and some giant strap on cocks is here to see in full detail, along with the delight that both Ladies enjoy from tormenting their toy.


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