The Laughing Latina – Jasmine Mendez – Political Ass-assination

Custom: You work as an agent for a secret government home security agency and this agency has been tasked with destroying Donald Trumps election campaign for the future of the country. It would be impossible to assassinate such a high profile figure and get away with it so the agency have targeted Trump`s campaign manager. You have made an appointment to meet with him at his house on the pretence that you represent a benefactor willing to inject a large sum of money into the campaign! You have been chosen for the job because of your unique methods which will leave no trace, and the face that you are not Donald`s No1 fan.You arrive at the house and he lets you in. You are being all smiley and charming to put him at ease so he suspects nothing, but when he turns away, you punch him hard and knock him to the ground where you get him in a scissor hold and quickly knock him out. While you drag him on his back and sit on his chest wi th his arms pinned waiting for him to come round. He comes round with you sat on top of him at which point you treat him to some butt drops. He` s confused and wants to know what`s going on so you tell him that he`s not getting any money & you have been sent to him. You explain the method will be from you sitting on his face for long periods of time and that you despise everything and everybody connected with Trump so you are going to make the process last as long as possible. Tell him that you are going to sit on his face for longer periods each time until the end when you just sit on him until he stops breathing. You tell him that you happen to enjoy facesitting and include all the reasons why. Please sit in all the great positions you do and contiune with the great facesitting dialogue which has been a feature of my recent clips. As you don`t like what the guy stands for please be as brutal as you wish with the sitting. Near the end sit back on his chest and tell him that what you are about to do is for the good of the nation….and you just like to squash a face to . Sit on him until the end before getting up and leaving him. FOR CUSTOM CLIPS EMAIL @ YAHOO CATEGORY: FACE SITTING, ASS SMOTHERING,BUTT DROPS,REAL LIFE SESSION, FANTASIES, SURPRISE, MEN FOLLOWING ORDERS, TABOO, SMOTHERING,, ASS TO FACE, SMOTHER, DOMINATION, ASS FETISH, BRATTY PRINCESS FOR MORE FACE SITTING VIDEOS CLICK HERE CLICK HERE FOR MORE BUTT DROP CLIPS! FOR MORE ASS SMOTHERING VIDEOS CLICK HERE


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