The Mean Girls – Princess Amber and Lexie Chase – Bathroom Foot Stool

It’s just another day at the Mean Girl Manor and Princess Lexi and I are getting ready to go lay by the pool and take cute pictures! Our bathroom is SO CUTE but the counters are just SLIGHTLY too tall, so we got ourselves a footstool! (I mean, it’s just one of our old slaves that we made into furniture, but it works well enough) We stand on this beta stool while we apply some makeup. Lexi even puts on my lashes for me (she’s such a good friend) This piece of furniture ALMOST ruined everything tho! He kept squirming and asking how much longer we were gonna be (SO ANNOYING!!!) Doesn’t he know that getting ready is a process that CANNOT be rushed!?!? UGhhhh! I just HATE idiot slaves. After we finish applying our many layers of lip gloss this idiot thought we were done! Apparently he “FORGOT” that we hadn’t even taken pictures yet. Lexi and I try not to let him annoy us so that our pictures don’t come out looking all manic (Ew!) We probably took over 50 pictures only to realize that our pathetic foot still messed HALF of them up! (We had already left to go tan by the pool. Which only made us MORE ANNOYED!) He would squirm and try to get some more air and then the pictures would turn out BLURY!!!!! So we had to stand on it EVEN LONGER so we could retake ALL the pictures that he ruined. (Doesn’t he know better than to waste our time!?!?!) That’s and extra 10 minutes we have to spend taking pictures INSTEAD of tanning. I told Princess Lexi that we should stand on him in our heels so we don’t waste ANYMORE time taking them off.


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