The Mean Girls – Princess Amber Lexi Chase – Simping For …

The Mean Girls – Princess Amber _ Lexi Chase – Simping For Amber

Amber invited me over to hang out since she’s back in town and we have soooo much to catch up on! Since taking over the Mean Girl Manor, Amber has been SUPER busy and hasn’t had much time to do some regular household chores. That is until she introduced me to the fat ugly dweeb who has been doing all these menial tasks FOR HER! Amber didn’t seem to think much of it when he explained that he did ALL her laundry while gone, detailed her car, and took care of her things. (WHAT A FCKING LOSER!!!!) “You didn’t tell me you had a Simp around the house, Amber!” She seemed a little confused when I explained to her what was happening.. “He’s doing all the bitch work! I bet you he’d even PAY YOU to lick your shoes clean!” Amber was still a little unsure that what I was telling her was true.. She just thought of him like an ugly assistant that did whatever she told him to for free. like a “friend” but more pathetic and gross. “Trust me on this Amber, when he comes back here. CALL HIM A SIMP AND SEE IF HE DENIES IT!!!” Amber loves to play little humiliation games so of course she agreed to accuse that fat foot freak of being A SIMP!!!! HAHAHAHAH Even if he “wasn’t” a simp. she’s gonna make him one LOL


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