The Submission Room Wrestling – Bianca Controls

The Submission Room Wrestling – Bianca Controls

Bianca paid a visit from Italy to take on Dave in a domination wrestling match in which she shows off her incredible, athletic physique. She wrestles topless and keeps Dave pinned down on the mats or scissored for most of the 16 minutes. There are some amazing face-sitting scenes in which she really leaves Dave breathless, allowing him just an occasional breath, before returning to the facesit position. And the schoolgirl pin scenes take on a whole new meaning thanks to one of the skimpiest thongs we have ever seen in the London Submission Room.
At the end, Bianca traps Dave’s neck in a powerful headscissors and starts to apply the pressure, wishing Dave "Goodnight". As Dave "falls resting", Bianca strikes a bicep pose and stretches herself out on the mats.
This is definitely the sexiest mixed wrestling match we have ever filmed at the Submission Room. Bianca is simply stunning. Download now for your ringside seat.

Tags: Facesitting Femdom Scissor wrestling

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